Caribbean International Shipping and Moving, Inc.

Caribbean International Shipping and Moving, Inc. is a privately owned and operated import and export company located in Houston, TX.  We started in the shipping business to offer our customers a more convenient and tailored option to relocate their property in a cost-effective manner.

In 2010, our journey began with a small 10′ box truck and 600 sq. ft. warehouse on the southside of Houston.  Within 4 years, Thanks to our Valued Customers, we moved into a 2200 sq. ft. warehouse in Northwest Houston. Another 3 years, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc throughout Houston, Texas, and many of our Valued Customers.

Unfortunately, we did not survive the economic devastation that followed Harvey, and in mid-2018, we were forced to close our doors.

While 2020 has begun with a horrible pandemic that has thrust another economic downturn, in addition to the public resurgence of the racial inequality and injustice in the United States, WE ARE RE-OPENING OUR DOORS!

Our resilience and commitment to offer our customers – old and new – with premiere products and services will continue and we will stand firm on our ethics and our beliefs to keep each Valued Customer safe, healthy and revolving through our doors.

Thank you in advance to each one of our Valued Customers!
Owner/CEO: Loraine Stanback 
Adviser: Michael D. Collins 

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Office: 713-548-7900